3 Things to believe in when you’re alive.

Whatever, If something good is happening with you or not but everyone should always believes in these 3 things i.e- Universe, Love, Positivity. To achieve every desired goal of your life.

Now you’re like what! , but yes this article will work like magic for you, if you start believing in these 3 elements, you’ll start seeing the good changes that you’re creating by yourself.

Let’s talk about how it’ll work and what is exactly these 3 elements are, let’s go through it.

Let’s talk about the universe first-

We all are aware of multiple kinds of energies around us or in this world, some work’s magnificent for us, and some works as a disaster for us. But we only need to know about good and positive energies which will help us to grow more in our lives and get what we deserve, there are various ways to get connected with the universe, some of them are given below-

Affirmation- yes you read it right, We all heard it many times that if you think about something that you want in your life very badly then you just need to think about it, with full of emotion and in a positive manner while believing that you already got it or you’ll surely get it, and somehow you just connect to the universe and start having faith in it,

Affirmation works in the same way- All you need to do is just write down your goals with all the emotions that you have regarding the goals and read it aloud daily in the morning with some positive energy and emotions and start believing in it, always be positive, talk positive and try to feel like- you are going so close to your goal every day with your hard work and soon you’ll see the magic happening around you. All you need is just to have some faith in the magic of the Universe.

Meditation- Our elders always try to teach us the power of meditation and we always ignoring it because of our stupid lifestyle, endless scrolling, late-night sleeping, eating unhealthy, getting depressed, work in stress, yelling, getting anxious, losing temper, if you really want to change things in life then you have to take a step because no one else will do this for you and not other people are getting affected by this. It’s you only, if you want to make your life smooth, achieve your goals, and being happy in life then you should give it a try for at least a month you’ll see a vast difference in yourself.

Start meditating for at least 30mins by starting it from 15mins, improve your concentration power, exhale all your problems, inhale good and positive energy, keep yourself calm and try to connect with the superior power that you believe in. Within 1 or 2 days you’ll start feeling light in yourself. This is the actual power of meditation.

Now Let’s talk about LOVE-

I think many people nowadays Don’t know the exact meaning of this pure word, and that’s why we are losing it very fast and playing with it like a game, especially Millennials, they are taking it in all the wrong way, where love is used to be like magic in everyone's life now it’s like a thing only which everyone wants just for the name, I think 90s kid and who are born before that definitely understand what I’m talking about here, let me show you what I feel about love- for me, it’s always like magic, which doesn’t happen with everyone but yes with the special one’s only.

But nowadays love is just another word for hookups, no string’s attached, with a modern mindset, just for some time, only physical involvement no emotions no feelings, just do it till some time and out, and that’s what real bullshit sounds like.

No guys, you just need to wake up and understand this, when you’re in love you just get connected with the other person even though without letting them know about it, you always feel happy, positive, and right about it, even if both the person knows about it still, you’ll connect with each other the way no one else could ever do, you get to know many things about each other without telling the things exactly.

your instincts become so powerful that if something bad will happen with your partner you’ll start feeling that, something is wrong, I know this is definitely sound’s dreamy to you but I felt it and I believe in it because in love there are not only 2 people who are getting involved there are 2 hearts and 2 souls which are connecting with each other.

That’s the power of love. It doesn’t mean that you only need a bf or gf for it Nah! Love is a feeling which you can share with anyone you are close to. So, instead of chasing it start believing in it first, soon you’ll realize it’s not that easy but definitely worth having and Magic.

So stop playing with the feelings, and stop talking sweet in the starting only, and most important don’t commit anything you aren’t sure about.

Lastly, let’s have some words on Positivity-

It’s something which everyone required in this era, but no one wants to work on it, we all are living in a parallel world in where if we have good then bad too, if there is right then wrong too, if we have angles then devils too, and if there is positivity then negativity too.

It’s all up to us what we choose, and what will make us wiser, good person and successful in life.

Just like gaining fat on your body is way easier than reducing it, same as getting negativity around you is easy than living in a positive Atmosphere, you’ll always face 2 options in your life, you’ll become according to what you chose,

Challenging things and obstacles are a part of your life, so here are few tips on how to stay positive in every situation-

1- Start your day with gratitude towards whatever you have in your life.

2- Smile in the morning for a good start.

3- Make mediation, yoga, exercise, part of your daily routine.

4- Make your to-do list for the day, and if you’re facing some problem related to your work then write it down too, then try to solve it with a positive approach, by finding out the sticking point.

5- Surround yourself with positive people only.

6- Don’t rush, stay calm, breathe in, and go for it.

7- Make someone laugh, appreciate your colleagues.

8- First think then speak or react.

“Having a positive mental attitude is asking how something can be done rather than saying it can’t be done.”

~Bo Bennett

I write what i feel about the topics which i experience around me. A loyal writer in building